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Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks of Kerala, India

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Pre-Departure Guidelines for visitors to Sanctuaries

  1. Maximum size of visitors group for trekking will be 9
  2. Guests shall not bring pets, i.e. dogs, cats etc. inside any park or reserve
  3. Do not collect any form of fauna or flora from any sanctuary or park
  4. Be aware of the negative aspects of insensitive behavior, such as taking photographs of people without their consent or failure to observe local customs
  5. Do not interfere with scientific research, facilities or equipment
  6. Be aware of your capabilities and the dangers posed by the trip
  7. Dress codes to be followed
  8. Do not damage plants – for example by walking, driving, or landing on extensive moss beds or lichen-covered areas
  9. Keep noise to the minimum to avoid frightening wildlife
  10. Do not bring non-native plants or animals into the park
  11. Be aware of the location of areas that have been accorded special protection and of any restrictions regarding entry and activities that can be carried out in and around the area
  12. Be aware of applicable restrictions and regulations of the site
  13. Do not damage, remove or destroy historic sites or monuments, or any artifacts associated with them
  14. Please ensure that necessary permission is obtained before visiting
  15. Maintain a safe distance from all wildlife
  16. Do not stray from group
  17. Do not disturb any animal by making noises, flashing lights or making any sudden movements that may frighten animals
  18. Do not chase animals
  19. Be aware that too much noise disturbs the wildlife and can antagonize other visitors
  20. Do not damage vegetation or any fencepost, gate or signpost in the park
  21. Be aware that plant damage can be irreplaceable resulting in loss of feeding and breeding grounds
  22. Do not remove flora and fauna. Removal of these seriously disrupts the ecosystem and is illegal
  23. Do not buy animal products as souvenirs as this encourages further plundering of these species
  24. Always remain inside your accommodation at night
  25. Be aware that the animals are wild and can be dangerous
  26. Do not remain in the parks or reserves between 7 pm & 7 am unless accommodation is provided
  27. Do not discard any foodstuff or litter the land and water bodies
  28. Do not hand-feed fish and animals
  29. Do not feed, touch or handle birds and animals; do not approach or photograph them in ways that may cause them to alter their behaviour
  30. Take special care when animals are breeding or moulting
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