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Tour Operators of Kerala, India

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Guidelines for Tour Operators

  1. Prepare definite pre-departure programmes
  2. Awareness modules to be distributed among the tourists before their departure to the destination (This should include Culture, History, Food habits, Climate, Responsible travel tour programmes, Health cares, Do’s and Don’ts, Dress code etc. – information to be relevant, brief and communicative)
  3. Fix group size for all programmes taking care the carrying capacity of the destination. Tour packages to be made according to the group size
  4. Detailed information to be given to tourists on arrival at the destination (continuation of the awareness programme – Interactive sessions, Audiovisual presentations, Environmental films, Printed materials etc.)
  5. All escorted tours should have tour managers. They are responsible for ensuring that privacy and dignity of areas visited is maintained.
  6. Prevention of cultural impacts should be part of awareness programmes (Special mention on Dress codes, Thorough filtering of tourists to sensitive areas, Handouts of culture shocks, Family binding, Customs etc. to be well communicated.)
  7. Promote the appreciation of religious places and respect of local culture by discouraging the purchase of religious objects or heirlooms
  8. Camp fire and open fires should be discouraged to prevent deforestation
  9. Indigenous plant saplings may be taken and tourists should be encouraged to plant them near the campsites or on the trails
  10. Campsites to be left clean and all non-biodegradable garbage carried back for proper disposal
  11. No cuttings, seeds or roots of plants should be allowed to be taken away from the sanctuaries, that is illegal in many reserves

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