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Karumadikuttan - Statue of Lord Buddha, Alappuzha, Kerala

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Buddhism came to Kerala in the 3rd century B.C. Renaissance in the 8th century B.C. saw the decline of Buddhism. Buddhism did not bloom to its full potential here in Kerala, but destroyed or neglected Buddha statues and idols were recovered in the coastal districts of Kerala, especially Alappuzha. Buddhist stupas and statues were unearthed in many places and Karumadikuttan is one of such ancient Buddhist image in Kerala. It is a statue of Lord Gautham Budhha in a sitting position. The statue is belived to be old as far as 9th to 14th century. The Karumadikuttan is a black granite statue of Lord gautam buddha. This mammoth and imposing stately statue of Lord Buddha is located on the banks of "Punnamada" lake at the backwaters. Karumadi village is the proud possessor of the Karumadikuttan which is the main mark of Buddhism in Kerala. This impressive Buddhist statue can be said as the only Buddhist temple in Kerala. It also represent the remnants of an ancient civilization with a rich religious heritage still preserves its past glory in full ambience. It is believed to be built by Buddhist monks who visited Kerala with the message of love and non-violence through Alappuzha port.


Location of Karumadikuttan

Karumadikuttan is loacted in Karumadi, a small village near Ambalapuzha. Karumadikuttan statue is located 3 kms. East of Ambalappuzha, in Alapuzha district. When you travel 15 Km from Alappuzha enroute NH 47 between Kollam and Alappuzha, you can reach the Karumadikuttan statue.

Backwater Tours through Karumadikuttan

Many houseboat cruises through this area. The majour routes is to sail through the backwaters of Alleppey - Kumarakom - Varkala - Alumkadavu - Karumadikuttan - Kochi. Almost all backwater and boat tours through this route covers the Karumadikuttan Buddha idol, at Karumadi.


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