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IM Vijayan, Footballer of Kerala


About Invalappil Mani Vijayan

IM Vijayan is a legend of Kerala football.  He was born on 25 April 1969 in Thrissur.  He played as a striker for many teams such as Kerala Police, Mohun Bagan AC, JCT Mills, FC Kochin, etc. His achivement include the fastest ever international goal in 1999 SAF Games; top scorer in 2003 Afro-Asian Games; Arjuna Award in 2002. 

Through his tremendous determination, this personality became one of the most recognised face of Indian football. Vijayan spend his initial years with Kerala Police and after 4 years left to join the Kolkata Club football. His later years seen him playing for some of the best clubs of india such as Mohun Bagan and East Bengal.  His contributions for the various international tournaments (Nehru Cup, pre-Olympics, pre-World Cup, SAAF Cup and SAF Games). His moves with Baichung Bhutiamade the Indian forward lines extremly powerful. Vijayan retired during the 2003 Afro-Asian games where he emerged the top scorer with four goals. Recently he acted in an award-winning malayalam film "Santham" directed by Jayraj.  IM Vijayan is of course one of the legendary icons of Kerala Sports.

Awards given for IM Vijayan

  • Arjuna Award
  • `Best footballer of the year' in 1993, 97 and 99.
  • Fastest ever international goal in the 1999 SAF Games (12 seconds against Bhutan).

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