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Mohan lal in super human roles

Kerala Forum: Malayalam Film Personalities: Mohan lal in super human roles

By Anon on Sunday, July 22, 2007 - 05:35 am: Edit Post


guys, genuine cine enthusiasts, i have some questions. Do you agree with the current trend of mohan lal being portrayed as super human?
Can you believe that Vinayan is an acknowledged director today? (in my opinion, a guy like he should not be known as a 'director'. Take it from me, he lacks everything that a good cine-director needs. He should be thrashed for making such a film as 'Rakshasa Rajavu') The same lady gives voice for majority of malayalam heroines, don't you find it disgusting? Do you approve of the new trend of having atleast 25 extras in the picturisation of a song(Tamil trend..rather 'pandi' trend)? I need some sensible answers and would like to discuss more points.
Be backsoon, hope to find replies!!
Vinanyan through Karimadikkutten and now through Rakshasa rajavu prooved himself. He did direct TV serials before but now he is noticed in industry through his repeated success in box office.
Sameer, i think i agree with Mallu, Vinayan is doing a very good job with his films at the box-office, the audience has well appreciated the same and of course, if the subject was boring Mamooty wouldn't have accpeted the role which he has been doing for ages ! (police) Mohanlal is also good as a human ! super ? i haven't heard !
Our malayalam film industry has the knack of introducing non-Malayalee females who needs help with the dialogues. The lady has been doing a good job for them . If she has to provide voice for, say, Shobana or any other Keralite, in one film....she will have to do the same for all her films then......thus she become repetitive !
T K Babu: Hi all. Most of Mohanlal's roles are now of super human or "madambi" roles. But I doubt we can say only Lal is doing such roles. We have Mammooty in "Valliettan", Jayaram in "Naranath Thamburam", and "Kottaram Veettile Appoottan". During the last few years we also had a lot of films starring second line heros. Its ok if we enjoy them as an action movie. Its not good if we compare with out lives. We can't always see movies like "karunam", "vanaprastham" etc. right ? There are many people who likes action movies.
Sameer, why r u so upset with Vinayan in particular ? There are many directors in Malayalam to be thrashed. Our films are very poor in the female side. Its sad. New heroins are coming and going. After one picture they all become celebrities. Nobody is bothered about experimenting new female dubbing artists.
Prashanth: Sameer will be happy if Vinayan makes a movie with mohanlal. Its his jealousy about the success of RakshsaRajavu makes him angry to Vinayan. Cool off buddy

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