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Why do malayalee women try to reform their husbands?

Kerala Forum: Kerala Society & Culture: Why do malayalee women try to reform their husbands?

By Agony on Friday, July 20, 2007 - 03:13 am: Edit Post

I fail to understand why women, the moment they get married try to "mould" and "reform" their husbands, even when it is apparant to the whole world that the husband is far superior to the wife in everything.
Why does she get married in the first place if she thought the man had so many flaws?
And why do men give them the right to do so and become miserable throughout their lives?
Its because you fell for her bait. And thats the way its everywhere. And can you marry a man!!
It is totally wrong that women try to reform the husbands. It is vice versa. Rather husbands force hard to reforms the wives as per their self and family members dictum
its a bull dictum.
just the answer is for men their heart rules their head and for women its vice versa.
men just love women blindly and try to understan her otherwise u will become a philosopher vice versa
I do not agree with the statement... You can't say all women do that...I beleive only woman who is influenced by devil (majority) will try to re-form their husband in her way regardless of his good nature; but at the same time I beleive some men badley need to reform themself.
Because it is easy to reform the husband rather than reforming themselves
first women need to know the physical needs of men. some women use as a weapon especially kerala women are still shy and lack of openess in bed, they really need better understanding of men and their needs. women can make a good guy bad or vice versa. i think the failure of kerala marriage is lack of and understanding among men and women
That Doesn't Look Right... It helps to think both that you don't love the other and at the same time both of you should understand that on the next day of marriage a girl cannot love her husband or a hus cannot love her. There is an important factor to keep in mind that Love is not material. When both the side admit their fault everything will be OK. But God is not that great he supports positive and negative always attracted. Did ever see positive & positive attracted. If each other can think from the other side side everything will be ok but here also God played a great role. When you do not look the sympathy of other you won't have any problem. But here one forced to depend other. Todays marriages is only adjustments-no true love. One need the other for their rest of the life to be supported. True LOVE happens only after 2-3 years until then keep pace with all dislikes and clear-up all your feelings. All the best. Close your net and go home early and love your wife and you girls too. Give much care to your the long run you will be treated better. Make up your mind that Hus is not your enemy. Thanks.

By Saran on Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - 03:44 am: Edit Post

Don't just blame kerala men and women.All Indians have wrong idea of marriage and they marry for dowry,caste,color of skin and status.Such marriage will cause disaster. We do not marry to change a the partner and we should accept them as they are and if there is a need for change it will happen only if we set a good example and it is always in the hands of a woman to show him the way.Women are by nature made to give love and men to toil by his sweat to provide for the family.Men can blame themselves for allowing women to sit on his male dignity.Once a woman sit on him,there is no peace in the home.For a woman, her earning power gives her the boldness to destroy a marriage and control her partner.Men and women should be equal in their love.All over the world women are dominating as they seem to do well in studies and earn more than men so men lose their dignity.God made a man to be the provider but today women have the pants on and she prefer to work so she need not be domesticated.So the biggest mistake women make is to think she is secure with her earning power and can afford to break her marriage.We need not follow the west and need to get back to old wisdom and values.The wise men who has tradition are the ones who prefer a wife who is able to take care of the home and family and not the one with degrees and sitting in the office.When he is back she does not care,just let the maid serve him and it goes on and on until a day will come the couple will part for good.It is happening in many homes already.

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