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By Anon on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 - 06:59 am: Edit Post

Dentistry is a growing industry with 13,000 practicing orthodontists in the U.S.

However, at the same time it is not affordable by average citizens due to the expensive dental care services. Dental treatment is generally not reimbursed by the national health schemes of some countries and is too expensive.

A toothache and subsequent treatment at times can become unbearable. Planning an itinerary of vacation and getting the tooth fixed at the same time is now a reality with health tourism taking shape of a calculated adventure. Dento tourism is a budding concept for planned vacation along with total dental solution and care.

A dentist charges $300 to $400 for a filling in Europe while in Kerala it costs only $20.

Similarly, a root canal costs $3,000 in the West but only $70 to 100 in Kerala. Dentures can cost $1000 overseas but only $200 in Kerala.

Kerala is now becoming popular for the foreigners who need dental health care attention because of the difference in charges, quality dental facilities in Kerala, and availability of competent orthodontists. Kerala provides excellent packages for dental treatment besides guiding the tourist for an accompanying vacation as a cost-effective treatment retreat.
DrSandeep Singh
It was really a great day for me as I recieved my patient from Ireland. She has exclusively come to our Allahabad Centre for her Dental Implant fixation & to visit to Varanasi, the Oldest & Holiest City in the World. We are going to perform the surgery on Thursday. Its great !!!
Dr Sandeep Singh
Dr Tanuja Ch Singh
Sahaj Dental Clinic
A - 105, Super Mart - I
DLF City, Phase - IV, Gurgaon - 122001
Haryana State, INDIA.
Call us at : 091-9810305132 / 091-9312876361 / 091-9839051515 / 091-9335154612
Mail us at !
: /
Visit us at : /

Allahabad Centre:
Sahaj Dental Clinic
MAK Tower, S.P.Marg,
Civil Lines, Allahabad - 211001
Call us at : 091-532-2621618 / 091-9335154612 / 091-9839051515
Mail us at : /
Visit us at : /
We performed the surgery on Thursday,31st March 2005 & placed 3 Implants in lower jaw of our patient from Ireland.
After that she went to visit Varanasi for 4-5 days & came back on 6th April 2005, for follow-up. All was well. She left for New Delhi on very same day from Prayag Raj Express as she had to catch the flight back to Ireland on 8th April 2005. She will come back after 4-5 months for the placement of Prosthesis.
She got the best deal on 3 Implants........
Its great !!!
--------------------------------------------------Dr. Sandeep
Its great to hear your experience. Pls keep us posted of all new developmenets in the field of dento tourism. I think it has a very high potential in india. Your case is a classic example. More awareness is what is needed. Good luck!
Dear Alex,
Thanks for your encouraging reply. We started our web site almost two years back & worked really hard to promote it, single handedly. I do my web site promotion on my own. I have never gone for any ad. or even paid for it. is doin exceptionally well on all three most popular search engines viz., Google, MSN & Yahoo on keywords like Dental Tourism; Dento Tourism; Sahaj; Indian Dentist; Dentist Gurgaon & Dentist Allahabad etc.

There are streams of enquiries from Patients from Spain, Ireland, U.K., U.S.A., Greece & Australia etc.

Another good thing is that I keep on reffering queries to relevent web sites if any body wants any specific info.regarding other tourist destinations in India. We should come up with such kind of FORUM to popularize Dental Tourism in India. I have a plan to launch such a forum !
on our web site.

Do keep in touch. Thanks.

Dr Sandeep Singh
Myself and a friend of mine is wanting to get some dental work done. Implants and maybe bridgework...We would also require affordable accommodation near a beach would be ideal. If you can let me the proccess of how to go about making an appointment let me know. Regards Sharmaine
Dear Sharmaine,
Thanks for taking out your precious time to visit our website : .

Before I provide you the Info. on Dental Treatment you require, I would like to know few things about your present Gen. Health & condition :

1. Are you suffering from Hypertension ??
2. Are you a Diabetic ??
3. Do you Smoke ?? If yes, then how many Cigarettes / Cigars etc., a day ??
4. History of any other Systemic Diseases ??
5. Any Cardio-Vascular involvement ??
6. Any known history of Drug Allergies ??
7. Any history of Hypersensitivity to Local Anesthesia viz., Lignocaine / Xylocaine ??
8. Do you have any Full mouth Panoramic X-Ray with you ?? If Yes, then please scan it & send it as an attachment !
in your reply to this mail, for review.
9. Scanned pic. of your teeth, upper & lower both, along with gums, if possible. [It'll be easier for you, if you get that from your Digital Camera].

10. We use :
UNITI IMPLANT SYSTEM from Holland [ ].
Single Titanium Implant is going to cost you US$ 1050, along with the Ceramic Prosthesis.
Single Porcelain [ fused to metal ] Crown is goin to cost you US$ 250.

11. Aprox. Cost & Treatment Planning can only be judged, when I get a scanned image of the Panoramic X-Ray of your mouth.

Kindly get back to me with these details, soon.

With Best Wishes & Warm Regards.

Dr Sandeep Singh
The city of Allahabad is 135 Km west of Varanasi at the confluence of two of India's most important rivers - the Ganges and the Yamuna(Jumna). This meeting point of the rivers, the Sangam, is believed to have great soul cleansing powers and is a major pilgrimage site. It is even more holy because the invisible Saraswati river is supposed to join the Ganges and the Yamuna at this point. Every 12 years the Kumbh Mela, the world's largest's pilgrimage gathering, draws millions for a holy dip here.

Built on a very ancient site, Allahabad was known in Aryan times as Prayag, and Brahma himself is said to have performed a sacrifice here. The Chinese pilgrim Hiuen Tsang described visiting the city in 634 AD, and it acquired its present name in 1584, under Empror Akbar. Later Allahabd w!
as taken by the Marathas, sacked by the Pathans and finally ceded to the British in 1801 by the Nawab of Awadh.

It was in Allahabd that the East India Company officially handed over control of India to the British government in 1858, following the Mutiny. The city was a centre of the Indian National Congress and at the conference here in 1920, Mahatma Gandhi Proposed his programme of nonviolent aggression to achieve independence.

Allahabad is less congested and more modern than its sister city, touristy Varanasi. Civil Lines, with its modern shopping centre(and numerous bookshops), has broad treelined avenues and the main bus terminals. The older part of town is near the Yamuna river. The hub of the older part of the city is known as Chowk, and this is also the location of the main produce market, Loknath.

Courtsey :

Its a huge market...we should learn how to market it effectively..otherwise countries like philipines or thailand will overtake us..

DrSandeep Singh
Dear Doctor,
Thanks for your kind advice.
ur comment "we should learn how to market it effectively"
This is what I'm doin since last 2 years & that too when no body was thinkin promoting Dental Tourism exclusively in India.
Today, you can find my web-site in top 10 ranking on web search engines.

Ours is the most Cost-effective destination for Dental Implants with World Clxxx Dental Care at both the Centers.
Recently we placed 3 implants in our patient from Ireland at our Allahabad Centre. Along with Dental Treatment she enjoyed the stay at Varanasi a lot.
Shez planning to return for second phase of her treatment after 4-5 months along with her boyfriend.
It was really cost-effective for her as s!
he was supposed to pay 5000 Euros for One Single Implant in her own country.
That's a whole lot of saving along with great vacation.

Feel free to write to us for further queries & comments.

Best Wishes & Regards.

Dr Sandeep Singh
Dear Dr Singh,

I am a patient in Holland who needs implants. I read in above emails you place implants.

Are these implants US-FDA approved? I have heard of cheap implants that are very harmful.

In Holland, we have never heard of Uniti Implants. I checked with my local dentists who have also never heard of Uniti. We have heard of Frialit Implants.

If Uniti has approval in Holland, I will definitely come to India to you as it is much cheaper.

Dr. Ambert Pimenta

19:45:43 Dental Treatment = Free Holiday to Goa !!

Here is how you can make your holiday to Goa absolutely FREE ! Consider how much you pay for Dental treatment in Europe or America ...are the long lines and frustrating long waits at an NHS dentist wearing you down ? Compare our pricing with that of any NHS service or private practice for that matter, we will leave the!
competition behind.

Lets put in a simple scenario...You are living in the UK, and this year you have chosen GOA, India to be your holiday destination.

Cost of charter flight: 250-350 pounds

Cost of Hotel: 200-300 pounds for 2 weeks

Cost of Food/Entertainment: 200 pounds

On an average we are looking at 600 pounds per person for the entire holiday.

Now consider this, in the UK an average crown costs you 200 pounds, teeth whitening 300 pounds, a bridge for 1 missing tooth needs 3 crowns so you spend 600 pounds. You have tooth whitening and a bridge put in would cost you 900 pounds ...Now , at our surgery you would spend 180+60=240 pounds a grand saving of 660 pounds ..isn't that a holiday FREE !!

* We use MAESTRO Implant Systems from Biohorizons US-FDA approved system.

Visit for more details and a custom package for all your dental needs.

Dr. Ambert Pimenta
International Dental Centre
Calangute/ Margao
Goa -India
Ph: +91 9822157333
Dr. Vipin

We use zimmer implants.

tapered srew went, swiss plus and advent etc..

for more info please visit

thank you
Dr. Vipin c.p. MDS
Dr Sandeep Singh

Dear Roger,
Thanks for responding to my post on this website. I will sending a detailed mail on your yahoo mail ID regarding Dental Implants & related treatment procedure.

Meanwhile, I'll suggest you to visit : for further details.

Note : Our implants are US-FDA approved !!!


Dr Sandeep

On 25th July 2005, at our Gurgaon Centre [NCR New Delhi], we performed surgery on a patient, Jeff Henkins, who is from Sydney, Australia. We placed 3 Dental Implants [Maxillary] in a go.

He arrived Gurgaon on 22nd July from Singapore Airlines. We provided the Airport Transfer & he is staying in a Guest House nearby our Surgery which is costing him only 1500 Indian Rupees only along with complimentry Breakfast.

On 23rd he got his Initial Consultation & three Cosmetic Fillings done. Next day he got his crown preperation done & then he explored New Delhi.

On 25th we performed the Implant Surgery & adviced him to take rest for two days.
Today most probably he left for Agra to visit The Great Taj Mahal, one of the great wonders of World.

He'll be going back to Australia on 4th of August, 2005. He'll be coming back to India at our Gurgaon Centre, after 3-4 months for his Second Phase of Treatment.
Next visit he'll be coming along with his wife.

Great going Dental Tourism !!!

Best Wishes & Warm Regards.

Dr Sandeep Singh
Hi Sandeep, Great to hear you are doing well in dento tourism..You should thank these sites too who provides you a free platform for advertisement through net.

By Smiletech Dental Care on Saturday, December 20, 2008 - 05:30 am: Edit Post

We at "Smiletech" Advanced Dental care are routinely catering to international patients and NRI travellers for all their dental treatments especially DENTAL IMPLANTS and CROWN & BRIDGE work.Conviniently located in the city of MUMBAI we have a team of internationally trained specialists in all aspects fo dentistry.
International patients opt for full mouth rehabs with Dental IMPLANTS costing around $1000/- with Ceramic crown! Typical Bridge costs around $500/-, Procera bridge $700/-.
We are using NOBEL BIOCARE IMPLANT SYSTEMS with latest FDI approvals. For Appointment Details Contact

By John Kelly on Sunday, August 02, 2009 - 03:50 am: Edit Post

I came to India to get my dental implant treatment done with Dr Hubert Gomes. And i am delighted to share with you, that, the surgery was absolutely painless and almost bloodless. It cost me one tenth of what it would cost me in London. I have a beautiful smile now.
For those who do not know Dr Hubert Gomes, he is one of the most famous dentists in India for dental implants. He has an ISO 9001:2000 Certified dental clinic in Goa, and has an uniform pricing system for its local and overseas patients.
You can know more about him from his website

By rachael on Saturday, July 17, 2010 - 08:16 am: Edit Post

i had come to kerala in mid jan 2010. my stay was arranged in calicut , kadavu resort. its a beautiful place indeed. with lush greenery , and back waters. i enquired about dentist and found dr.khan . i wasnt ready for a dental treatment but i made a visit into his neat and clean office. he had a initial check up and explained to me the treatment protocols. finally ended up getting all my 3 painful teeth root canald treated. some tooth colour fillings and ceramic crowns. i am very happy with the treatment out come and the charges were just one- tenth of what i would have spent back in uk.

By Igoryan on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 - 03:18 pm: Edit Post

Ukrainian prices for dental service is 1/10 of USA`s prices. Our company organizing a comfortable arrival, stay and cheap treatment in Ukraine, in Lugansk. If you have some free days, and you need cheap but qualitative and reliable dental care, general dentistry, to insert implants, whitening teeth or other treatment. If you want to find optimum and economical price to keep money for other aims. We can organize for you comfortable and cheap stay in Ukraine, and find clinic for your financial possibilities and necessary treatment and service.
You can ask me at:

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