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High Blood Pressure

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By Old Mb on Friday, July 20, 2007 - 05:07 am: Edit Post

Dear friends,
I am suffering from High Blood Pressure. Can someone please tell me how to get my pressure down? Any home made remedy or herbs available. I do excercise every day and eat very little. I don't take meat and fatty food at all. Please help me. The Doctor told me that if I don't control my pressure, I may get a stroke.
-Thomas Varghese
sreekanth d: Dear friends, I have also the same problem as vargeeschettan. Iam only 19 yrs old. I never do exercise but eat very little. Iam becoming fat day by day. Only the belly portion the fat accumulated. Also in thighs.I drink more water. All other body is lean.I want to get belly reduced and other parts with normal. My friends are making fun of me by seeing lean person with belly. Is there any solution with you? please help me.
Joji: Try Yoga
narayanan t p: for this try to increase the resting time.Reduce tensions in life.
Thomas Vergeese: Joji & Narayanan, Thanks! The important point is my BP reading is now 170/100. It stand there for the past 5 days. I am not involved in any hard labour. I am working in the office. I have controlled my intake of fats for the past 2 weeks and I exercise daily. It still stands at 170/100. The Doctor told me to change my life style and bring the reading down as soon as possible, otherwise I am in trouble.
m r kunhiraman: varghesetta, Try some treatments in ayurveda.Today itself please approach a vaidyan to do some good treatment. I am sure it will reduce.
nalini: Is it good to drink lot of water to reduce the fat in the body?
Hello Kerala!

I found this article. Please read it very carefully before it is too late. You will know, what I mean.


CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE: Earlier treated with digoxin and lasix, recently ACE inhibitors (drugs like enalapril and other "---pril") were introduced and have added many years to the patients life. More recently, betablockers were shown to greatly benefit congestive heart failure. In August 99, spirinolactone an inexpensive tablet has been shown to be very effective. Patients of congestive heart failure should first have an accurate diagnosis (with echocardiogram). Their drugs should now include digoxin, ACE inhibitor, beta blocker and spirinolactone and often a diuretic as well to get maximum health and longevity.

HYPERTENSION (HIGH BP): Treatment of hypertension should only be started if the blood pressure is always high on repeated medicines, or when damage to organs is occurring due to hypertension. When it is genuinely needed, the drugs will be needed long term. The blood pressure should be kept less than 140/90. In diabetic patients it should be kept below 130/85. Higher levels damage the body organs. World class specialists recommend that the oldest medicines (thiazide or diuretics) are still the best for most patients as the newer drugs have not been tested as thoroughly as the older ones (thiazides and betablockers).

DID YOU KNOW: For most patients, waiting for a few months to make sure that the blood pressure is constantly high is better than just starting medicines immediately.
Blood pressure is temporarily raised by smoking, excitement, pain, feeling cold etc. It is good to recheck after a few minutes of rest if one measurement is high.

HYERCHOLESTEROLEMIA (RAISED BLOOD CHOLESTEROL): Cholesterol is made by the liver for use by the body. In people who have high blood levels of cholesterol there is increased tendency to wear and tear of blood vessels (arteries) leading to blocking of arteries and decrease in blood supply to the body organs. Medicines are now available that can reduce the blood cholesterol very effectively. These medicines are called statins. They have to been taken long term. At present they are being advised to patients who have already developed blocking, or are at very high risk of developing blocking. A low fat diet, keeping ones weight under control and regular exercise also reduce blood cholesterol.

CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE (ANGINA, MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION, ISCHEMIA, HEART ATTACK etc): The heart pumps blood to all the body. To do this work it requires oxygen and energy. This is supplied by coronary arteries, which are thin (2-3mm) blood vessels. When they get blocked the heart does not get enough oxygen. There may be chest pain and the ECG will show abnormality. Complete blocks are more dangerous as they cause MI (heart attack). Partial blocking can cause angina which is chest discomfort occurring with exercise or strenuous work. Treatment of blocking is now very advanced and previously untreatable blocking can now be set right. The big problem is that the disease strikes suddenly, and MOST patients never get a chance to reach hospital. The second major problem is that advanced treatment is available in only a few centers, and it is very very expensive. Our best bet is to prevent this disease.

DID YOU KNOW: Indians get artery blocking more than any other people in the world. Over 50% patients never reach hospital because it stikes very suddenly. It is almost entirely preventable by avoiding smoking!, eating a sensible diet, exercising regularly, and making sure that ones blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol are under control.

ARRHYTHMIAS (FAST HEART BEATING): Common problems of heart beating are missed beats which occur in almost everybody. Although they can be uncomfortable and alarming to the patient, they seldom require any medicine. SVT, PSVT, WPW, PAT etc are diseases with fast heart beatings which cause sudden fast heart beat. Quite often the fast beat becomes normal again before the person can reach a doctor. In such cases the diagnosis may be missed by the doctor!! These diseases can be very effectively cured by radio frequency ablation. This is a catheterizing procedure like angiography. For most patients of SVT, PAT etc. it is the best treatment.

NEW: Atorvastatin, a very effective cholesterol controling medicine is now available in India. It is similar to lovastatin and simvastatin that are already available. Spirinolactone is an inexpensive essential medicine for all congestive heart failure patients.

By Anonymous on Tuesday, April 06, 2010 - 05:57 am: Edit Post

Hello Brothers,

i am 30 and usually had BP of 140/90 normal in mornings and 110/150-155 evenings , i am an IT professional in bangalore and have huge stress at work, i have been having Bp since i was 24, never paid much attention to the same(could never blive that i can have pressure at this age, or rather was not accepting the fact),i was following low salt diet only but later on when i was getting dizziness and constant paid at the back of my head i went to doc, he gave medicines but still BP reached 140/90 most of the times and hovered around normal sometimes.

Recently about 6 months back i decided to hit the gym and work out to reduce weight , was doing the treadmill for 30 mins, i noticed that i was more energetic and my BP was normal , infact sometimes it goes down to 75/120. I am so happy.At last i cracked the issue, its working out , if u work out you sweat , and that way the extra salt goes out of ur body, also ur heart beat becomes average , controlling pressure.
So guys try this method and check it out yourself, and lemme know how your Bp is doing.

Be very careful of high BP, its a silent killer, my cousin brother had a stroke, on sat he had the stroke , he was operated on that same night but he passed away in sunday afternoon, he was just 28 yrs, MBA from ramaiah college and operated in the same hospital.
guys pls control ur Bp if you want to live,stay away from constant eating outside , especially chinese food where they serve very high sodium. now a days stroke and heart attacks are so common.
Try hitting the gym everyday , at least keep jogging for 20 mins regularly and you will see the results.

all the best.


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