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HIV In Kerala

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By Old Mb on Friday, July 20, 2007 - 04:37 am: Edit Post

I was reading a really disturbing article that said that Maharashtra has the highest cases of HIV Infections in India. Next came Manipur. Third on the list was Kerala!! For a state that boasts 100% literacy the number is quite alarming.

India has a epidemic on her hands, and stands only next to Africa in comparison to the number of infections.

Most countries are seeing a decrease in the number of deaths due to AIDS. The public I think are still misinformed and need to be educated. Can you believe that in Brazil ( One of the most ually promiscous countries in the world ) the rate of infection is only 3 per thousand people.

Tiger On The Prowl: Just curious, but is it mandatory in India to get a blood test before a person gets married?
Sceptic: Sexual education in a proper format is sadly missing in Kerala (as of course the rest India). Somehow people seem reluctant to let go of the impression that it is "dirty" or "embarrassing" to discuss as a subject. Little thought is given to the essentiality of educating the young generation that there is more to than beyond physical pleasure and on what they
should know about it wth a view to pre-empting or at least reducing risks, including STDs and various health and social problems related to male-female relations. As a result, many
pick up their "expert" knowledge from misleading sources which is worse than knowing nothing. That is indeed one of the reasons for the high incidence of HIV cases in Kerala (again, it is true anywhere where education is lacking). I don't think pre-nuptial medical tests are mandatory anywhere in India. Interestingly, such tests are being introduced as mandatory in the conservative Muslim societies of the Arabian Gulf states although the objective is to avoid the health-based risks stemming from marriages between close relatives.
Tiger: How true. Though after some checking up, I found out that most in most countries it is mandatory to get a blood test done prior to getting a marriage license.

Of course the exception to the rule is Las Vegas, where it is not necessary.

I personally think that India, should come up with this rule. It would benefit the general population. I mean think about it - if you were to get married to a total stranger ( as is the norm in most cases I believe ), would you want to BET your life on the fact that he/she is HIV/ Or anything for that matter free?

In this day and age, even when men and women date, and when they feel that the time has come to move the relationship into the physical , it is normal for both the persons involved to go and get an HIV test together.

The first step to enlightenment is to talk about it. is not taboo. The shame is killing yourself over it.

Most countries are driving forward legislations that will legalize prostitution. Y cant we?

Most educated people are misinformed about the ways in which HIV can be contacted let alone the harsh realities of the disease itself.
coolfriend: First of all i would like people not to believe in statistics alone.Years back there was a controversy over the "real" numbers of people affected with HIV.It seems, news about that receded from our media soon after.I think unless u know the exact methods adopted by the agencies concerned with HIV and all that awareness gimmicks,we cannot truly believe that the threat of HIV is similar to the one propagated by the medical fraternity.

I agree there is a threat of HIV,but the real issue is sexual behavior.It is irresponsible ual behavior that causes problems like HIV,and not absence of education. education was a failure in the West.It did not limit promiscuity,abortions and perverse behavior in the west.So how can we believe education will be successful here?It is the sexual "adventurism' practiced by both men and women that leads to not only HIV but a host of other virulent infections.It is the stupid messages like 'our society is turning progressive or modern, becoz of more promiscuity" that misleads many to think that adventurism is natural or irresistible.To tell u the truth is the most "infection-prone" acts between two people! so better no kamatipura-type experiments

Now there are more serious diseases like TB and Malaria (which is making a comeback in Kerala ),and a large number of undiagnosed diseases like the common "viral fever".What is this viral fever? have u ever wondered about that?also,there is a more serious venereal disease called "Vietnam rose" affecting males, which entered kerala recently through Bangalore from Philippines!

So,the media and some vested interest created panic more than awareness about a disease which could be avoided by responsible sexual behavior. somebody created such an image of HIV that anybody who test positive will try to hide it from others.Therein lies the real problem.Therefore, an ELISA test before marriage is a must must,must.
Malayali: Readers note : Coolfriend would be the best explanation for Mr Sceptics line where he says :"As a result, many pick up their "expert" knowledge from misleading sources which is worse than knowing nothing. That is indeed one of the
reasons for the high incidence of HIV cases in Kerala (again, it is true anywhere where education is lacking)."
Sceptic: By education, I mean partly the awareness that preventive measures could be used against STDs. Condoms is an example although not foolproof. Granted that most people do know condoms offer limited protection, how many would know how to use them properly? Apart from the possiblity that a condom could split, there is also a chance that it could be porous (as found in low quality products); furthermore, how many would actually know that condom users are better advised if they pull out before the organ goes limp (if that happens, then there is a possibility of leakage that would undermine the whole purpose).!
Similarly, awareness of STDs and their various forms is singularly lacking among many. These are only some aspects of awareness raised by basic education. By the way, high HIV rates anywhere in the world owe their origins to a large extent to lack of ual education that would give a basic foundation of knowledge about the risks and dangers of "irresponsible" ual behaviour. Thanks
Malayali: Well, that was the joke of the century. how many Indian parents discuss with their childern, Naina??!!. How more "decent" can We get , Naina.... enlighten us misleads.
coolfriend: Dear Mr.malayali.i don't require ur certificate,nor i am begging for that.If u have a different opinion write it.Don't try to discover other's behavior or personality.

I stand by my opinion that even though somebody gets wrong info it does not mean they actually practice it. actually i know a few who had worked for the state agency for preventing and creating awareness on HIV and related issues.I had seen their reports prepared after years of work.Reports clearly state that unhygienic and unsafe practices are the main reasons that spreads and worsens such epidemics.there is a behavioral angle to the whole issue.My opinions are based on facts and not simply what i feel.And i don't need somebody's "marks" for stating my opinion.
Sceptic: Mr Coolfriend, Well said about having to keep away from the personal aspect in this debate.
I agree with you that unhygienic and unsafe could lead to STDs and HIV. My point is served here because ual education should and could be the basis for hygienic and safe practices in .
naina: Look people in our state are very conservative...... education cannot be something which u can except a large crown to turn up for.......! parents as in , of course if u r a girl, u can speak with your mother......or if it is boy with father...i don't see any shame in that. shucks.
narayanan k:
how hiv is spread?
Reply to narayanan k's query.
Through people who are ignorant like you.
Thomas: It was nice reading this entire debate. Coolfreind and Sceptic have well said. Thanks to the Educator for his humours touch at the end.

By Anonymous on Friday, August 07, 2009 - 07:36 am: Edit Post


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