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Malayalam Singer

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By RAJAN on Friday, July 20, 2007 - 01:41 pm: Edit Post

1.MELODY:Jayachandran is melody,i am ashamed of stating about such a great person that "JAYACHANDRAN IS HAVING MELODY ALSO".But yesudas now and then had it.
2.RANGE:Jayachandran's 90% songs had this characteristic.Let me point out some songs which have some less range Ninpadangalil Nunakkuzhikavilil Bhoolokarambhayute
Yesudas's songs have range but equally there are songs which don't have range.It is like 2 faces of a coin
3.SPEED:There is no speed in yesudas's songs.Noone can show a speedy song sung by him.He tried to sing sometimes like pavataprayathil which have not succeeded since it resembles a conversation.
Jayachandran is superb in speed.
Take for eg the song pa pa pa pa pa nisa manohari
ma ma ma ma ma vikaramanjari devasundari To pronounce it properly and sing it speedily yesudas is not at all perfect. Jayachandran was fully perfect.
4.VIBRATIONS:Vibrations are made by both singers. oth are equally good in it.Jayachandran's
vibrations in prayam nammil was beautiful.
5.DEPTH:Jayachandran has much depth than yesudas. In depth yesudas is nil in front of jayachandran. Even in a simple padam like karivarivandukal kurunirakal in DEVARAGAM take the part "kaikalo-o-o-
He has the depth there. In all songs this is coming into picture.As Ajith show above, yesudas was unable to maintain raaga at high pitches is About this aspect.
6.SOFTNESS:Even now when he is not getting chances as yesudas he maintains the softness like the song
Ariyathe ariyathe-e in RAVANAPRABHU. But Jayachandran is not the master of this it is Hariharan. But Yesudas is
nothing in this,he is always noty soft.But some songs like Kattile pazhmulam thandil ghe approached it. Jayachandran and Hariharan are 2 good in it.
ore versatile is Jayachandran but due to luck yesudas was more famous. It does not mean
that jayachandran is less versatile.He was not recognised as he should be. If Jayachandran was given more chances he would have shown up the world.But when politics or other pressure comes against a singer what the most versatile singer can do? That is why i consider him as most versatile.If he should have remained there in bollywood,he would have been famous like his students. Jayachandran is the most talented singer ever India had seen.

Sri P JAYACHANDRAN is undoubtedly the 'best singer' India has ever produced. he has proven his potentiality in all the major characteristics needed for a vocal singer.

1. melody
2. range
3. speed
4. vibrations & oscillations
5. depth
6. softness
7 versatality (ability to shine in film music, classical, devotional, semi -classical light music, festive music etc..) no other singer in India has proven his ability in such diversified kinds of vocal singing! and nobody can match him in vocal characteristics mentioned above. Other singers may have the first 3 but not the other
ones. Some other singers may have the last 3 but not the initial ones. There has not been a single singer in INdia that has proven in all the above mentioned vocal characteristics !!

By hassan on Tuesday, October 07, 2008 - 02:51 am: Edit Post

AS RAJAN pointed above, jayachandran is the one and only best singer in malayalam

By Anonymous on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - 12:36 am: Edit Post

Yes Jayachadnran is the only singer in India. Mohammad Raffi played dirty tricks to outst him from the industry.

By Anonymous on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 10:52 pm: Edit Post

We cant compare them....
Both are in different direction... But the voice Malayalees loved and being loved is yesudas's

By Anonymous on Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 04:51 am: Edit Post

I feel you are closing your eyes on the fact. jayachandran is a good singer but he is no where to compare with Yesudas. If you look at the songs he sung. jayachandran doesnt have any range you have to tell me a song which yesudas sung 1. Harimuraleeravam. 2. Pramadavanam 3. Sumoorthama swasthi 4. ethra pookkalam 5. ezhu swarangalum. 6. Sree lathikakal ..thereare so many with high range that jayachandran cannot able to imagine to sing.

By salil on Saturday, April 23, 2011 - 10:58 am: Edit Post

comparing yesudas with jayachandran is like comparing bradman with mohammed kaif

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