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Secrets of Success

Kerala Forum: Kerala General: Secrets of Success

By Old Mb on Friday, July 20, 2007 - 05:34 am: Edit Post

Success is guaranteed when you're conscious of the quality of your actions. For a gardener, success is guaranteed when he sows seeds in the right season and cuts weeds regularly. We reap the fruit of the seeds we sow.

Having sown the seeds, that is, performed an action, you can't be careless in thinking the fruit will just grow. As a gardener, you can't blame someone or situations if the fruit doesn't emerge. To the extent that there is patience, to that extent you will reap the fruit of your actions, successfully. No rush, no worry! The gardener tends his garden with a lot of love. He never becomes hopeless. One who maintains hope experiences success. A star of hope is a star of success.

If there isn't instant success, just accept and continue to make effort. No matter what happens, keep moving forward. Have the awareness that there is benefit in everything that happens. The result of a successful action is when there is benefit for the self and others. For this, the qualities of courage, loving feelings and tirelessness are needed. Your actions should inspire others, so that they too are able to reap the fruit of their good actions.

For example, each finger on your hand is different yet when they work together, you can achieve the impossible. To act, a very determined and a powerful thought is needed, this is represented by the thumb. Where there is a determined thought, you will automatically receive cooperation. When you give cooperation, you will receive cooperation in return. Without the little finger of cooperation the work wouldn't get done. The index finger reminds us to connect with God and absorb His power. The middle finger stands for wisdom and the ring finger is for victory. If any of these qualities are missing, it is difficult to get the task done.

The ingredients for success are truth and wisdom. In truth there is power. Act wi!
th absolute truth and a motive to benefit. To be free from the ego of 'I' and 'Mine,' consider yourself to be a soul as you come into action. When you are free from the feelings of possessiveness or desire then it is possible to act as a master and not out of ego or attachment.

The mind may fluctuate under the influence of circumstances but the wisdom has the power to direct the mind to a state of calm and stillness. When you're able to keep your mind uninfluenced then God will also invest His faith in you. Through this internal method, offer yourself to be God's right hand. For this, you need to be light in character and mind, the one who doesn't carry the burden of pressure. When you don't feel a burden then you can do lots and achieve more. God also needs a free hand. So, when you become a light, right and free hand then there will always be success.

We are unable to experience success when we begin to doubt and start questioning, why, what, how? Remain unshakeable and immoveable and be one that never creates upheaval. You will have strength when there is faith that it's definitely going to happen. Thoughts of experiencing difficulty drain your inner power. But if you say 'nothing is difficult,' then it isn't just a positive thought but a powerful, firm thought, filled with faith. When you act with absolute good wishes in your heart then others will also co-operate and help easily. However, no one will help, if you yourself think it's difficult. Just remember, victory is your birthright. Success is already guaranteed. Have faith in the self and in God the Supreme Soul.

If you look up at a mountain from down below, are you thinking, 'how will I get up there?' No, you just have the thought of reaching the top. If there is a fire, get up and go and get help! One who is alert and ever ready never finds anything difficult. With courage, be the one who acts! Someone who finds things difficult makes a mustard seed into a mountain. Those who sit and worry, don't achieve anything. Whatever you want to do, do it now.

If you have a sensitive nature and have the habit of taking things personally then you're bound to lose faith and confidence in yourself and others. This is why we have two ears - so, that you can let it in one ear and out of the other. Wisdom says keep your mind peaceful and don't waste time thinking waste thoughts. When you use your time, thought and energy in a worthwhile way, there will be success. Where there is success, there is happiness and power.

by Dadi Janki

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