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New year resolution

Kerala Forum: Kerala General: New year resolution
By Think differentb4reg on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 01:14 pm: Edit Post

Hi All,
Till now i have not used my valuable time for anything good for myself or for others. But now i thought of sharing some of my views with you guys. May be my thoughts are wrong, i dont want to impose it on any of u ... Most of the people takes some new year resolution on alsmost every year end, which they are able to to do. That is a good think. If you think you can do more to yourself and to the society.

Which political party do you support? ***
Why are you supporting them? Dont knw
Have they done anything good for the nation or the people? NO
Why are you casting a vote when you know that these people wont do anything good? Using my rights
Did you check the candidate's profile before casting a vote for him? NO
Did you talk with this guy about his plans for the country? NO

You have to decide to whom you have to vote. You should not support a candidate just because he is from any particular party. Political parties have not done anything good for anyone.. So you should not have any love for these craps.. YOu should check out individuals, what he can do? how he can bring up innovations in the society? whether he has the capability to with stand the political pressure/ corruption? How will you help the nation by selecting some one good?

Take a pledge like before casting your vote you will do everything possible to know the candidates. If you meet the candidate in person ask him what his plans are? Ask him why should you vote for him? Ask him whether he can write it and submit it to the judiciary what ever he is offering as part of his election campaign?

If we people of india start doing these things we dont have to mourn everytime saying the ministers are not doing anything. They are just morons.. Think we are electing them.. It says "OF the people By the people and FOR the people"(if its wrong please excuse and correct me). Any time have you heard that the government is discussing with the public(common people like us who dont have any organisation) before raising the bus charge/ auto charge/ current charge. Did they ever give response for why they are raising the charge? "NO". Why there is no provision for common people to discuss the things with govt.?

I am getting too much boring right.. stopped. These are just my thoughts.. If you think what ever i say is correct please change yourself. convey this message to your friends ask them to think and change. Take up the initiative to change the way you cast your vote. There by build a better country....(Just scribbling my frustrations)

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