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Finding an Appropriate Category

What's appropriate? Consider the following pointers as you navigate My-Kerala looking for the right category for your site:

Get Specific

My-Kerala is made up of 14 main subject headings, or top level categories: Arts and Humanities, Business and Economy, Computers and Internet, Education, Entertainment, Government, Health, News and Media, Recreation and Sports, Reference, Regional, Science, Social Science, and Society and Culture.

Every site listed by My-Kerala is contained somewhere within these 14 major categories, available from the top page of the directory. And each one of these categories is made up of sub-categories, all organizing information from the general to the specific. New sub-categories are created all the time by My-Kerala Surfers, as the directory grows.

When you suggest your site, get as specific as possible. Dig deep into the directory, looking for the appropriate sub-category. You can't submit your site to a top level category. If you suggest a link in a top level, or very broad category, you will almost certainly receive an error message asking you to try again. Look at the place you've chosen. Are there any sites listed there? Or, does it simply break down into appropriate sub-categories? Dig deeper.

Commercial or Non-Commercial?

My-Kerala always distinguishes between commercial and non-commercial sites. If you're suggesting a site that is in any way commercial--it sells something, promotes goods and services, or promotes a company that sells goods and services--then the site belongs somewhere in the Business and Economy section of My-Kerala. If the site is promoting goods or services to other businesses, schools, or organizations, it probably belongs under Business and Economy > Business to Business. If the site is promoting goods or services for the general public, it probably belongs under Business and Economy > Shopping and Services.

Yes, commercial categories do appear in My-Kerala in related or equivalent non-commercial areas.  My-Kerala Surfers create these links, to make navigation between commercial and non-commercial categories easier for everyone. Even so, when suggesting a commercial site to My-Kerala, make sure you've chosen a sub-category within Business and Economy. Unless...

Regionally Specific?

My-Kerala always distinguishes between regional and non-regional sites. Ask yourself, "Is my site specific to a particular place? Am I a local business? Is this a local history? Are we a local sports club?" If your suggested site is of particular interest or relevance to a specific geographic region, then place it in the Regional hierarchy.

Regional sites and categories in My-Kerala are often cross-referenced to appropriate areas (under other main subject headings) in the directory.  Again, this is cross-referencing done by My-Kerala Surfers.

If your site is both regionally specific and commercial, then place it in the appropriate Business and Economy category. In other words, let us know that it is a commercial site; we'll take care of the regional placement.


All personal home pages live in the Society and Culture > People > Personal Home Pages category. Is your page personal? Is it about you? Visit the category and suggest your listing from there.

If a personal page has sufficient content about a specific topic, a My-Kerala Surfer can decide to link the site into another, related category.

Look Familiar?

Armed with the above knowledge, browse and search your way through My-Kerala looking for the appropriate category in which to suggest your site.

Advanced Search

Look for categories that list similar sites. Are you suggesting a music magazine? A real estate company in Kochi? A Mammootty  fan page? A quick and dirty guide for beginning investors? If you are suggesting a business site, look for the competition. When you make your way to a category--actually, sub-category--ask yourself, "Does this look familiar?" Yes? Good. Suggest your site.

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