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To get your site listed in the directory, you may submit the following information by email to:

Title:   Provide a brief title of your web site with maximum of 5 words. Any more than 5 words in title will result in automatic rejection of your submission. Do not use words like "The Largest Site" or "The Best Site" etc.

URL:  Put your website full web address (URL).

Office Address:  Put the Website's Main physical Office Address with Town, District and State information.

Category: Choose the deepest sub directory under the main directory located at for your website placement. Once the deepest directory is identified, then copy that directory link (URL) from the browser and paste it here as a link.

Description:  Provide a short description of your site. Please do not use capital letters or capitalize the first letter of every word. A maximum of 15 words are allowed in your description. Any more than 15 words will automatically reject your submission!

Contact Name: Put your name.


Avoid repeating words used in title in the description.
Only Kerala related sites will be accepted here.
We reserve the right to accept or reject any site without any reason.
Its a FREE Listing. However make sure you totally follow each of the above requirements.